Feb 252012

I had the opportunity to sit in between the Mayor of London, Joe Fontana and Ontario’s Ministry of Energy, the Honourable Chris Bentley yesterday as I chaired the Mayor’s Sustainable Energy Council (MSEC). Mr. Bentley was there at my invitation to kick off the meeting and bring some remarks from the Province.  Our group of [Read More]


In advance of the upcoming Mayors Sustainable Energy Council meeting on 24 February I thought I would share this press release highlighting  the recipients of the Energy Saver Outstanding Business and Community Outreach Grants. MEDIA RELEASE Date: Friday, February 24, 2012 For Immediate Release:   London Energy Savers Receive Recognition From MSEC   London:     The [Read More]


I spent last weekend in downtown Toronto with my wife for a little get away. On Sunday morning, as we often do, we made our way down to the St Lawrence-North Building for the Antique Market (http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/). While the main market (which sells food etc. and is its own adventure) is closed on Sundays the [Read More]

Feb 072012

The Ontario Waste Management Association’s http://www.owma.org/home.asp Organics Subcommittee held a successful one day seminar on compost quality today. The seminar was attended by 40 people that represented a cross section of the composting industry including the public sector, private sector operators and consultants. the intent was to provide attendees with some detailed information on compost quality. [Read More]

On Your Mark

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Feb 032012

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) has recently announced a partnership with the NSF, a global certification organization to help it certify compostable plastics. If you have been involved with compostable plastics at all you will know that it has been a long road with huge doses of countervailing scientific conjecture, counterclaims and confusion. BPI and [Read More]

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