Paul van der Werf

Paul van der Werf is President of London-Ontario-based 2cg Inc. and has been involved in the business of waste prevention and diversion for the last 20 years. A recognized organic waste and composting expert he has in recent years delved into the business of recycling and sustainability planning. A contributing editor, he writes the popular Organics Matters column for the magazine.

Shifting Sandy

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Dec 162012

The past month or so have been tough for Americans along the eastern seaboard. Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm, Superstorm Sandy…whatever you wanted to call it was devastating. I was a bit shocked by how quickly climate change was blamed for Sandy, as if bad weather and devastation is something new. When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg [Read More]


Please consider following me on Twitter @2cg_ I have been struggling to find another waste auditor to round out my team and am actively looking for resumes. Not surprisingly it is difficult to find people to sort garbage. It is surely not the most pleasant thing to do (but there are certainly less pleasant things [Read More]

Oct 202012

Waste Reduction Week is coming to a close across Canada. I suppose in some ways it is like a week of Christmas’ for those of us in the industry and the week after Thanksgiving for everyone else. As I was able to say on the local Rogers Daytime television show on Wednesday Waste Reduction Week [Read More]

Oct 112012

The Recycling Council of Alberta conference has come and gone again. The 25th anniversary version took place at the lovely Jasper Park Lodge (which featured a good venue and periodic warnings about rutting elk). About 325 attended this conference which is really a must attend event for Alberta’s (and beyond) waste diversion industry. Ironically these [Read More]


As did many others I received a personalized letter, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), in my email inbox yesterday indicating that at long last they had updated Ontario’s compost framework. This includes new standards and guidelines. This has been a long time coming. The original <em>Interim Guidelines for the Production and Use of [Read More]

Sep 202012

New York State of Mind It is a heaving metropolis that at first glance should not be able to work.   It smells likely horse droppings and urine the closer you get to the Park evoking what it must have really smelled like during the Gangs of New York took era.   It is crowded [Read More]


It has been a busy three months and I have been remiss in blogging. The day to day rigours of work and life get in the way and this unfortunately becomes expendable. I had a great opportunity, along with Michael Cant from Golder Associates, to present some of our ideas on the State of Waste [Read More]

Feb 252012

I had the opportunity to sit in between the Mayor of London, Joe Fontana and Ontario’s Ministry of Energy, the Honourable Chris Bentley yesterday as I chaired the Mayor’s Sustainable Energy Council (MSEC). Mr. Bentley was there at my invitation to kick off the meeting and bring some remarks from the Province.  Our group of [Read More]


In advance of the upcoming Mayors Sustainable Energy Council meeting on 24 February I thought I would share this press release highlighting  the recipients of the Energy Saver Outstanding Business and Community Outreach Grants. MEDIA RELEASE Date: Friday, February 24, 2012 For Immediate Release:   London Energy Savers Receive Recognition From MSEC   London:     The [Read More]


I spent last weekend in downtown Toronto with my wife for a little get away. On Sunday morning, as we often do, we made our way down to the St Lawrence-North Building for the Antique Market ( While the main market (which sells food etc. and is its own adventure) is closed on Sundays the [Read More]

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