Oct 202012

Waste Reduction Week is coming to a close across Canada. I suppose in some ways it is like a week of Christmas’ for those of us in the industry and the week after Thanksgiving for everyone else. As I was able to say on the local Rogers Daytime television show on Wednesday Waste Reduction Week [Read More]


It has been a busy three months and I have been remiss in blogging. The day to day rigours of work and life get in the way and this unfortunately becomes expendable. I had a great opportunity, along with Michael Cant from Golder Associates, to present some of our ideas on the State of Waste [Read More]


I spent last weekend in downtown Toronto with my wife for a little get away. On Sunday morning, as we often do, we made our way down to the St Lawrence-North Building for the Antique Market (http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/). While the main market (which sells food etc. and is its own adventure) is closed on Sundays the [Read More]

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